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Dance school
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dance school in kiev

scuola di danza a kiev

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English, Italian speaking photographer in Kiev for weddings. Wedding photos in Kiev

English,Italian Wedding photographer in Ukraine.

Wedding dance lessons in Kiev.

Beautiful wedding first dance choreography for just 4 private lessons.

first wedding dance photo - wedding dance

If you are willing to make a pleasant surprise to your parents and friends and to leave an unforgettable impression of your wedding the best way to do it is to prepare an original wedding dance. Our best dance teachers will help your couple to feel relaxed and confident when you step up to the dance floor for the First Dance!You, your friends and family will remember your dance of love forever.

Our Standard Package is 4 hours of lessons. We have found that 4 hours is the optimum time to choreograph a fantastic routine for you. Lessons are normally 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours in length. We will teach you how to dance and listen to the music. We will create a special coreography for you on the basis of different dances: viena waltz, slow waltz,rumba...
Visit our Dancing School in Kiev or order a private lesson with English/Italian/French dance teacher in Kiev by calling us: +38(097)4035978 or e-mailing a request to:

  1  No previous dance experience is required
  2  We will create a routine suitable for you. Easy, straightforward or complicated,
      it's up to you.
  3  You tell us the song for your wedding dance or if you
      can't decide your wedding dance teacher will help you with that
  4  You'll need 4 hours of lessons if you want a fully choreographed routine .
  5  Lessons can be once a week or whatever suits you.
  6  We recommend you get in touch with us around 12 weeks before your wedding.
  7  If your wedding is nearer than that,
      don't worry as we can usually fit something in even if your wedding is next week!
  8  The routine will also be designed with the bride's dress in mind
  9  You can have any number of lessons from a single 1 hour lesson upwards.
  10  You'll be amazed at how quickly you pick it up !!!!

Call us now on +38(097)403-59-78 for a chat about first wedding dance or mail to:

GIFT CERTIFICATES for your friends in Kiev (Ukraine).

Gift certificate in Kiev

Want to please your friends, colleages or relatives from Kiev with unforgettable and unique gifts?
"1 Hour Private Dance Lesson" gift certificate is one of the greatest choices you can do.
The Gift certificate will be delivered to the address you will indicate in the e-mail on the day and time you choose. Please, leave a mobile phone number or e-mail of your friend so that we can contact the addressee.The Gift Certificate will be valid for 6 months. To activate the certificate, your friend (the addressee) wil just need to call the number indicated in the certificate ( a .jpg copy of the certificate will be sent to your e-mail address).
We will also inform you when the certificate is delivered to the addressee. Please, let us know in case you want that we send flowers together with the certificate. Please, contact for more info and prices.

We also offer other gift certificates to your choice:
   -"Name a real star in honour of your friend" (the price depends on the size of the star)
    -"Fly in the ballon"(certificate for two persons)
    -"One day in SPA salon"
    -"Private Italian lesson with professional teacher"
    -"Photosession with a professional photographer"
    -"Dance lesson"
    -"Chinese tea royal ceremony"(certificate for two and more persons)

Call us now on +38(097)403-59-78 for a chat or mail to:
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